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Zimbabwe – Untamed Nature

In Zimbabwe, untamed forces of nature and picturesque landscapes go hand in hand. The majestic Victoria Falls inevitably captivates every visitor, with a spectacle that is unparalleled. A haze that rises hundreds of meters into the air and which, at full moon, shows its beauty in the form of a lunar rainbow. But if you thought that was all, you were wrong. The beauty of Mana Pools National Park on the Zambesi River and the biodiversity of Hwange National Park clearly show what our world once looked like.

Zimbabwe combines an authentic stay with luxurious accommodations and unparalleled unspoiled nature. Here the elements of water and earth meet to create a beautiful natural spectacle. Enjoy unforgettable moments in remote lodges and experience unparalleled wildlife viewing in one of the most natural places left in Africa. With African Luxury Travel we make your African dream come true.

Your luxury trip to Zimbabwe

  • Board a helicopter flight “flight of the angels” over the picturesque Victoria Falls
  • Watch the red glowing sunset with a sundowner cruise on the mighty Zambezi River
  • Experience the endless history of the Mana Pools and elephants standing on their hind legs
  • Lake Kariba with its unique biodiversity should not be forgotten
13 Days
from € 8.580 / per person

The heart of Africa

Climate and travel season Zimbabwe

First, a trip to Zimbabwe is possible all year round, the climate is subtropical to tropical, which makes the summer months quite humid, but the winter months pleasantly cool. The year can be divided into three seasons.

During the months of May to August, winter prevails in Zimbabwe. Temperatures are pleasant at around 20°C to 25°C and the country is in the dry season. The months of July and August fall into the deep winter, so that the temperatures drop again in the evenings and early mornings. Warm clothing is now recommended on the early morning game drives.

September and October the temperatures start to rise again, spring begins. The rainy season is still coming, and the temperatures are on the warm side. For this reason, this is the best time to travel and experience the beauty of Zimbabwe. Wildlife viewing during this time is extremely good as the grasses and greenery in the bush slowly begin to fall away, making visibility excellent.

From mid-December to the end of March, the rainy season also begins in Zimbabwe. Temperatures rise to 38 °C’ during this time. The rain in Zimbabwe is characterized by short but heavy thundershowers, which are also an incredible spectacle of nature.

Zimbabwe Travel Info

To enter Zimbabwe, you need a valid, machine-readable passport that is valid for at least six months after your return date and has 2 free pages.

International travelers can obtain a visa upon arrival for a fee of 30 USD. This could change at any time, so please check with your local embassy for exact information before your entry.

Malaria occurs throughout the country. Please contact your family doctor regarding malaria prophylaxis when planning your trip to Zimbabwe. So-called sleeping sickness, transmitted by the diurnal tsetse fly, is also common in Zimbabwe. Avoid blue clothing as it attracts the flies.

The currency in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe dollar (ZWL). You can pay everywhere with American dollars (USD), which is recommended. Credit card payments are accepted at most lodges and hotels.

Banks and bureau de change often only accept US dollars when exchanging money, the Euro has obviously not yet become widely accepted.

Since small airplanes have only limited space in the cargo hold, a maximum weight of 15kg luggage and 5kg hand luggage is allowed. The luggage must also be in soft travel bags. Hard-sided suitcases are not allowed.

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